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Update of the Billing and Payments section of the under the designation “SuperBill” – 04/2011.  

HP Conference 2012: Social and Mobile

The Previous Page in this Process No one wanted just a Twitter feed on the site. We wanted a community that worked together with the conference itself and the featured eBook while still being both pleasing to the eye and common sense to use. Twitter was integrated, but so was a cascading forum-like platform which … Read more

HP 2012 Conference

Our agency was enlisted to help create a full-spectrum experience for the 2012 annual conference in Germany. It was envisioned as a social project, where conference attendees could be informed by the mini-site about the event, use the CEO’s keynote as a reference for further learning and then interact with each other and the conference … Read more

Critical Mass

During my time with Critical Mass, I worked with a number of exciting and forward-thinking clients on an array of exciting projects. Examples include:  AT&T,  Hewlett-Packard, United Airlines, Brita Water Filters and Citibank. View UX Work examples here

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    The various portfolio items range from front-end development to blue sky conceptual sketches and wireframes. They're presented in blog format so each project or design can be read as a story, and the progression of work I've done over time can be seen.