UX work in detail

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of my work.  They’ve been de-branded and edited to preserve the confidentiality of both the project work and the clients, but should still let you see the approach, process and deliverables I’ve used as part of my various roles.

Work done with Appirio/TopCoder (various clients):

Work done with Critical Mass

International financial institution small business resource center website:

National telecommunications company – ongoing redesign of website:

  • Microsite UX Audit – analysis of site current state with cross-referencing competitive analysis and suggested improvements
  • User Survey and Testing Results – preparatory research and analysis of user feedback and testing analysis, unified Login project
  • Prototype Tasks – informal listing of designated tasks as implemented in iRise prototype for unified Login project


Work done with Kaneva (3-D gaming world) can be found at:

It focuses on wireframes and user flows with the executive team as the primary audience.  Kaneva produces a 3-D virtual world similar to Second Life, with emphasis on social interaction and digital currency microtransactions.

Work done with Vitrue (now known as Oracle Socialcan be found at:

Work done as an Independent UX Consultant can be found at:

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