Keysight PathWave
Keysight PathWave

Work Examples

The following are some prototypes built in Axure RP – I introduced the tool to Keysight, and worked with the entire team across a variety of projects and products.

Some elements have been edited or obfuscated to protect Keysight confidentiality.

Keysight Signal Studio

Comprehensive PC-based software for flexible signal creation. Cellular, wireless connectivity, aerospace/defense, broadcasting and general purpose applications. Supports a wide variety of signal generation hardware.

Keysight PathWave Software Platform

The Keysight PathWave Software Platform represented a critical, company-wide shift in the direction of Keysight from a manufacturer to a software firm.  PathWave is the culmination of many years work and the convergence of the needs of the many and varied end users and customers that used and purchased Keysight products.

Keysight’s trusted design and test software is evolving to meet the ever-increasing needs of your organization. The PathWave software platform is designed to provide a consistent user experience, common data formats, and control interfaces. Every step in your product development path is connected and integrated.

Axure extension for Chrome may be required