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TopCoder: IBM: Smarter Parking Mobile App

Smarter Parking Mobile App Design

For IBM employees, often in large office complexes, needing an internal system for managing their parking needs.

TopCoder: IBM: Watson AlchemyVision Facetagging Mobile App

IBM Watson AlchemyVision Face-tagging Mobile Application
Designing a phone app using the Watson AlchemyVision Face-tagging functionality.  In short, this was uses the already existing Watson-based technology to both optimize the UI for the current system as well as providing a useful end-user product for application security using face-tagging – scanning images of faces to match to pre-set images within the applications database.  The Watson Services are meant to be modular components that can be used by developers to connect with their overall application goals as reusable resources.
TopCoder Challenge
Sample UI Images:




TopCoder : IBM : Spring into BlueMix & Mobile Apps

IBM Bluemix  is a cloud platform that helps developers rapidly build, manage and run web and mobile applications.  The program we worked towards involved both designing and developing mobile applications via Bluemix and enhancing the Bluemix system and community itself.

The initial project for this was the Spring into Bluemix Project Dashboard:

Helping plan, design and develop the system for non-technical product owners to run TopCoder challenges connecting with their BlueMix platform.
Promotional Site Design
Challenges for IA and Design of the Dashboard






The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

My first professional web design job, done with IBM Interactive and New Media over a decade ago.


The client was the Russian government for the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.


While I had very little hand in the visual design of the site, it was the foundation of my learning on the job and appreciating beautiful design and innovative approaches.  They still use the site to this day, just updating the schedules and events as needed.


State Hermitage Museum – Individual artwork display



Pages featuring selected artwork from the Museum’s vast collection.


State Hermitage Museum – QBIC Color and Layout Searches

Java applet enabling visitors to search for artwork based on color and its shape and area coverage in two dimensional artwork within the Museum’s collection.

Check out the live page here!

There is also an option to simply search by color and proportion.

State Hermitage Museum – Panorama View

"3D" Panorama View - allowed visitors to observe different floors and rooms within the Museum with an interactive Java applet

The active view of this example can be seen here.