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Critical Mass : AT&T : Billing & Payments Revision

Revison of the Usage Reports view for Billing and Payments section – 02/2012.

Information Architecture. Interaction Design. UI Design. User Testing. Being an Ambassador and Advocate Between Teams and Users.

Jesse James Garret's Elements of UX

Jesse James Garret’s Elements of UX

You’re probably familiar with Jesse James Garrett’s diagram of the Elements of User Experience. It covers all the discrete areas that we often just call “UX” and expect some UX elf to work magic. But there are distinctions to be made and specialties to consider when it comes to designing a site, an app or your entire organization’s design strategy.

TopCoder : IBM : Spring into BlueMix & Mobile Apps

IBM Bluemix  is a cloud platform that helps developers rapidly build, manage and run web and mobile applications.  The program we worked towards involved both designing and developing mobile applications via Bluemix and enhancing the Bluemix system and community itself.

The initial project for this was the Spring into Bluemix Project Dashboard:

Helping plan, design and develop the system for non-technical product owners to run TopCoder challenges connecting with their BlueMix platform.
Promotional Site Design
Challenges for IA and Design of the Dashboard






TopCoder: John Hancock

Book of Business – John Hancock’s application to help manage client contacts – the redesign effort was centered around the search and filtering functionality.

Redesign Process