Appirio  started with cloud service installations for corporate clients, primary focused on Salesforce.  The special twist with them is TopCoder, their crowdsourcing competitive platform through which they do a variety of projects for a wide range of needs with major corporations like GE, IBM, Salesforce, John Hancock and so on.  The three areas of work are Design, Development and Data Science.

My role was User Experience Architect in the Design track, where I’d provide design direction for projects and programs for client needs.  The three channels under Design were Wireframes, Visual Design and UI Prototyping.

The projects and programs I’m sharing from the work done with Appirio and TopCoder are largely mobile platform based, but include everything from industry metric dashboards to games designed to teach employees their company’s HR processes.

Harmon Kardon AMX Living Residential Application

John Hancock Book of Business (private)